1. Mark Anstee @ De Queeste Art

      Mark Anstee is returning to De Queeste Art, Belgium, with an exhibition titled ‘Works so Far’.

      neon type B


      De Queeste Art Gallery, Belgium

      The exhibition runs from 19.04.2015 until 17.05.2015


      Mark Anstee’s new work for RAMM

      MarkAnstee & Rammyriorama PosterNew work for Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery.


      Anstee’s RAMMYRIORAMA

      Mark Anstee’s RAMMYRIORAMA is a play on the concept of Victorian spectacles known as Myrioramas. Pre-dating film, these monumental scrolls unwound to reveal painted panoramas of great historic events, heroic battles or epic journeys through newly discovered foreign lands.

      Mark has produced a hand-painted Poster advertising the RAMMYRIORAMA, promising a grand tour of the world as seen through RAMM’s World Cultures collection.

      Artists Reflections:

      During 2014-15 RAMM invited four artists to create responses to the museum collections.  Mark Anstee’s reflection on world cultures is the second and follows Polly Morgan’s response to natural history. The list of artists was drawn up last year by RAMM’s Contemporary Arts Panel, in consultation with Arts Council England and the Arts Council Collection at Southbank Centre.  Artists Reflections is funded from RAMM’s Arts Council England major partner museum funding in 2014/15.



      Limited Editions

      Mark Anstee has issued limited editions of Toy Soldier Drawings

      see details here



      Crossing the Field: WW1, Football & the Christmas Truce

      Mark Anstee will be showing works as part of a group exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor Gallery in Ealing commemorating the Centenary of the First World War.

      Anstee.Bearskin painting.CompanyCrossing the Field: WW1, Football & the Christmas Truce

      Mark Anstee, Gabi Cowburn, Bruno Van Dijk, Paul Hodgson, Thomas Lohmann, Eric Monbel, Marc Palmer, Jurgen Vantomme, Robin Vermeersch

      8 November 2014 – 10 January 2015

      The 1914 Christmas Truce is at the heart of this new exhibition commemorating the centenary of the First World War. Bringing together artists from the UK, Germany, Belgium and France, the show crosses boundaries, nationalities and opinions to present a thought-provoking reflection on the events of the War.




      Mark Anstee: Company (oil on canvas 1200mm x 1530mm)

      John Hansard Gallery Exhibition

      Mark Anstee e-flyer_1


      RedBlueRedBlue @ IWM North

      Mark Anstee has been commissioned by the IWM North to make a new work to mark the First World War Centenary.

      From 2nd to the 31st August 2014 he will be making a durational drawing live in the heart of  the museum.

      RedBlueRedBlue will be drawn live each day from 12-1pm.  The gathering swarm of red or blue toy soldier figures will be projected across the huge internal walls of the Main Exhibition Space.

      A first for IWM North will be the live streaming of the event via the IWM’s YouTube Channel to a number of external locations across the UK and Internationally.

      Watch Mark Anstee @ IWM North here






      IWM has been commissioning artists since WW1. RedBlueRedBlue is part of the IWM North’s REACTIONS14 series of contemporary art.